The Tao of My Thoughts by Chee Soo

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The Tao of My Thoughts by Chee Soo


These thoughts started to come to me on the 20th December 1976, and after two hours they were still entering my brain, so it occurred to me that others, like yourself, might like to share them with me, and perhaps even try to live by their principles. So for the last eight years I have jotted them down, whenever time permitted.

Always remember, that Taoism is not a religion, for it encompasses all beliefs and religions, for it came into being more than 10,000 years B.C. It is a way of living in accordance with the natural laws of nature, and in complete harmony with the energies of the universe, and following the ordained WAY of life as laid down by the TAO.

It is therefore, a very deep ingrained philosophy and harmonises naturally with everything around us, and within us.

So, after reading through these thoughts that came to me, if you feel deep down inside that they have influenced your life, either through your mental, physical or spiritual spheres, then the WAY (Tao) is now wide open for you to understand, to live with, and assist others every day of your life.

May the TAO always be with you on your journey through your life.





The Tao, is the ordained Way, it is the absolute truth, and it is the life of everything within the entire universe and beyond. Whilst all three are ONE in principle, each has its own field of work, its own sphere of influence, and its own meaning within our lives, and within nature. It is certainly not the mystical complex that so many Western people believe, or make it out to be.

The simple truth is, that those who believe or say that Taoism is just an out-dated mystical religion, are not Taoists themselves, so how can they sit back and make such remarks when they haven\'t got the foggiest idea what it is all about. Not only are these people sceptics, but worse than that, they are also blind to the world around them, but also, they cannot even see themselves, and therefore they should be pitied, and they certainly have our deepest sympathy for their dire handicap.

Because human beings have got into the habit of thinking about the most trivial things, and formulating their own ideas about this and that, constantly making plans about what they are going to do next, and for tomorrow, and the day after, even next week or next month. They automatically dissect everything and anything, and just by starting off with one thought, within seconds it has multiplied ten-fold, in fact, the thoughts become so uncontrollable that they flit in and out of the brain, just like a host of flies.

If they were told that it is absolutely a complete waste of time and energy to go to such lengths, and that they would save many years of unnecessary trouble and constant experimentation. If they simply stopped trying to do everything and anything, and just learn to accept life as it comes, instead of pushing all the time, they would think you were mad.

How could they accept that everything in the universe is following its own pre-destined and ordained way of life, and because this is the simple yet absolute truth, there are many who, because of their multitude of thoughts see something mysterious, or think there is something mysterious, even in the most natural growth of things. So anyone who lives by the natural order of life, like the Taoist, is automatically branded a weirdy, a freak, or even a mystic.

Maybe, because the Taoist is fully aware of the true meaning of the very simple rules that have been laid down by the Supreme Spirit (Yuhuang Tati), and they are extremely simple, they perhaps do not make the same dynamic impression or impact on the human mind, that perhaps, a more seemingly complex problem could make. So, perhaps, that is one of the reasons why so many people in the West find it hard to understand. Because it is so simple and so very easy, and because it goes far deeper than their normal every day comprehension, they immediately think that it is abnormal, and therefore, perhaps, even a little bit mysterious.

What they have to understand is that everything within the universe follows its own unalterable course, and that course or WAY was planned for it long before it came into life. Most people do not give this part of their lives a second thought, and they do, in fact, take it all for granted. The curious part about it all, is, that everyone accepts it, and many things like it, every day of their lives, without trying to understand it. Do you realise that your own personal sex was ordained to be before your parents had intercourse, in fact, it was decided long before they had even met. (If the Tao wills it, one day we will have the opportunity of proving this simple fact to you).

After all, as we have said before, night follows day, day follows night, each season automatically follows one another, and the cycle of the year commences when the old one has been completed. Who do you think planned it all? Yes! this is all accepted without thought or without question, and therefore it is all taken for granted quite naturally.

So it happens, as well, in all the other fields of nature, the trees and the flowers send out their new shoots every spring, and they bloom during specific periods in the summer months, and then they fade away and die in the autumn and the winter, to rest, until the cycle starts again the next year. Vapour forms the clouds in the sky, clouds in turn create the rain, rain nurtures the soil, enabling the ground to become more fertile. These are also the natural cycle of events that take place in life continuously, yet humanity does not query these changes, or ask the reason why - they accept it. Simply because it doesn\'t matter, and you don\'t even have to ask, for it is completely natural.

However, by your acceptance of all these things, that are completely natural - then you have shown to yourself and to the world, that you have automatically accepted and recognised the TAO, and this is the first step in your own appreciation, understanding, and awareness. You have, by your own automatic action, and, without even giving it another thought, received the TAO into your own daily life - and that life, has adjusted itself to the natural manifestations of the universe, which, in turn, is abiding by its own immutable progress through the realms of time and space.

In the very beginning of time, and long before time began, and long before there was even a universe. In fact, long before there was nothing, there was the non-existence of nothing, and, before that, there was the void, and it was, and still is, the home of the Supreme and Absolute Force (Tsuikao Wanch\'uan) or more commonly known as the Supreme Spirit (Yuang Tati), that controls everything within and without, the whole universe.

The Supreme and Absolute Power or Force, is not a he or a she, for it is a dynamic ball or field of energy, which is so powerful that it is beyond the imaginations of a normal human being.

During one period, the Supreme Force noticed that all its energy was just a seething mass, it was swirling here and there, rotating in circles, moving forward and back, left and right, completely out of control, and was burning itself out needlessly, by its constant movement and fluctuation, and it was all sheer chaos and utter confusion. So The Supreme Spirit decided to organise everything, by starting with the animating principles of its own energy.

This is how the TAO came into being, for the TAO is the laid down orders, principles, rules, codes, the way that everything in the entire cosmos must diligently follow, it is the road or path that all things have to adhere to rigidly throughout their entire existence. To put it in simple words, the TAO is the unwritten law and instructions that govern every single thing, from its commencement or birth, through its complete span of life or activity, to its death, extinction or complete wane. The TAO is the laws or principles laid down by the Supreme Force or Spirit, to cover and apply to each and everything, that was, that is, and what will be. It is the divine WILL of the Supreme and Absolute Force or Spirit.

In the very beginning The Supreme Force or Spirit created order from the chaos that existed, and it ordained that everything should have a balance of two influences, just like a house with a front and a back, a box with a top and a bottom, or our bodies with a left side and a right side, and this duality, which forms an integral part of everything in the universe, the ancient Taoists of China described them as the Yin and Yang. So from the one TAO came the orders of the two principles which determine the stability of all creation, and also control all the processes of evolution and changes that take place within it. So it was the energy, which we call macro-cosmic energy (Ching Sheng Li), of the Supreme Force or Spirit, that was the first to be directed by the TAO, and the first to be affected by this simple duality.

It was from this duality of the Supreme Force or Spirit, that the universe was created more than five billion years ago, and by the way, dinosaurs roamed the earth about twenty four million years ago, whereas human beings are only about five million years old, so there is quite a big difference in time levels.

Because everything had to conform to this duality, then even the Yin and Yang had to have two sides, plus a neutral zone between the two, which gave them a total of five sections, which the Taoists named as the \"Five Elements\" (Wu Hsing), and it was from these simple yet positive foundations that all life, and everything within nature became possible.

It all started off, after the creation of this earth, with the life of the vegetation, then came the fishes, and then the mammals, then finally the human race, and that is how we came into existence, through the will of the TAO, and how we have been here ever since.

Though the TAO and its Yin and Yang constituents fill Heaven and Earth, they cannot be seen by the normal eye-sight, yet they are visible to the mind, soul, and to the spirit. They are insubstantial yet they are a composite substance of the material and the immaterial; they naturally yield to change but are themselves positively absolute; their power is beyond normal human comprehension and yet their gentleness is softer than the air that touches the face. They are internal as well as external, they are micro-cosmic as well as macro-cosmic, they can also be both passive and active simultaneously whilst linking through their contermination. They are completely individual, yet, at the same time they are an harmonious part of each other - this, has therefore created the Dual Monism, which is the combined unity and diversity of the entire cosmos.

Unless the human race learns to accept the TAO, and live by the basic rules of the Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements, and learns to follow the unwritten yet natural laws of the Supreme Force or Spirit, then the human race will wither away and die.

Chee Soo

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