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The Taoist Ways of Healing by Chee Soo


From a Chinese point of view, it is very pleasing to know that more and more people in the West are taking a much greater interest in the ancient cultural arts of China, and are coming to understand the ways of Chinese thought, and how it can be adapted to day-to-day living in modern times. In this way they are beginning to appreciate the basic philosophy that is the very foundation of the entire Chinese nation, and of all those Chinese who live in other parts of the world, a philosophy that has been inbred into every thought and deed for thousands of years.
However, to appreciate fully every aspect of Chinese life and thought, the average person in the West will have to get rid of one very bad habit. Westerners tend to look at an object, or a symptom, or even a sentence, and immediately believe in what they see, read or hear, and accept it as it is presented to them. For instance, a Western doctor will see a wart on the skin, and try to reduce its size, or else will endeavour to remove it altogether by the use of surgery. Now the Chinese practitioner would tackle this problem in a completely different way — by trying to find what caused the wart to appear in the first place. He would then set about erasing the cause, and the symptom would eventually disappear, and no more symptoms would arise. If the problem is approached in the Western way, then there is no guarantee that the wart will not appear on another day.
Then there is the Western habit of taking a pill for a headache, which is another typical example of tackling the symptom rather than going direct to the cause. In this case the cause is the large intestine or the bladder, and so by eliminating the cause, which is coming from either of these organs, the sufferer ensures not only that the headache will disappear within a few seconds, but that there will be no reoccurrence of the trouble. That is the reason why the Chinese can get rid of migraines, once and for all, within twenty-four hours, without having to take a pill or medicine of any kind.
So this simple principle applies to all who have a sincere interest in China and all that it stands for, its deep-rooted culture and its philosophy. To turn this interest into understanding, you will have to look at China\'s past. In fact, you will have to go back some 12,000 years. Then, and only then, will you get to the true root of the matter, and develop an understanding that will be deep and lasting. Remember, if you want to appreciate what keeps a building standing upright for many centuries, have a close look at its foundations; there you will find the answer.
By going back in time, you will fully appreciate that the nature of the Chinese has been engrained with the philosophy, the culture and the knowledge that have been put there by thousands of years of deep education and understanding of the basic ways of living in accordance with the infinite laws of the universe. That everything in life must have its own unique balance, constantly maintaining harmony with everything around it, is one of the basic laws. Nothing can exist on its own, for all things link together to make the universe what it is — simply, one vast entity. To upset the delicate mechanism that creates and upholds the simple principles of nature is fatal, for it can lead to very serious repercussions in the form of stress, strife, wars and sickness in nature and within mankind.
Taoism has existed in China for at least 12,000 years. In fact the principles on which it is based were laid down thousands of years before that, although in that earlier period they were never given a specific name. To Chinese people at that time, these . principles were simply a way of life that meant abiding by the Infinite law of the universe as they knew it. By their simple attitudes to life, and their way of living from day to day, they gave the Chinese nation as a whole an ingrained philosophy which required no spoken words, and it therefore became an automatic lifeline which was passed down from one generation to the next.
It was the Taoists who kept alive many of the ancient arts and practices over the centuries, and they in turn gave greater understanding to the principles by which they lived, together with a full appreciation of everything that plays a part within the cosmos. They bridged the gap between heaven and earth, and thereby altered the mental outlook on, and attitudes to, the spiritual and the physical. In so doing, they found the Tao\', the primeval law that regulates all matters within the universe, and recognised it as the Supreme Ultimate in all things.
It was this recognition that gave them the Yin and Yang, the two sides of everything, and it was this deep appreciation that completely altered their attitudes to everything that happened in their daily lives. It gave them the serenity of acceptance, and through this influence they were able to recognise the Tao in everything.

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