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Although many people have gone to great lengths in an effort to learn how to meditate, and yet have been disappointed, meditation is easy provided that you go into it for the right reasons, and, with the help of a good master or teacher, look into it thoroughly, so that you learn the basics of what …

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Breath is Life

Breath is Life Breathing is accepted as the most natural thing in the world, but very few people really consider how important to the body correct breathing is. We can all go without food and water for many days, yet, if we stop breathing for even thirty seconds, we quickly realize that we cannot …

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Inner Power

An old Chinese proverb says that 'The reflection on a pool of water never shows its depth'. In order to prove this, it is necessary for you to get into the water and swim down to the bottom of the pool, for you can never really know anything just by looking or watching. You must go in and see for …

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Chang Ming Taoist Diet

Chang Ming is Long Life 长命 It is an old saying in China that "Old age is inevitable, but there is no excuse for senility". As we have already seen, illness is absolutely unnecessary and is caused by bad eating and drinking habits. In China, where the normal diet is much healthier than in the …

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