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Taoist Arts of the Lee family training manuals by Chee Soo

Author: Chris Simpson

  • Summer Course 2024 in Cornwall

    Summer Course 2024 in Cornwall

    Tai Chi Week Monday 29th – Friday 2nd August 2024 Feng Shou Kung Fu Week Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August 2024 Anmo Health And Massage Week Monday 12th to Friday 16th August 2024 Book Now For Early Bird Discount

  • Slow food

    Slow food

    Origins and Principles: From Ancient Tao to Modern Tables When I first started on the Chang Ming diet, one principle I tried early on was chewing every mouthful of food 50-100 times. This principle is sometimes called “drink your food and eat your drinks” because every mouthful turns to water if you chew it enough.…

  • Tai Chi Easter Course

    Tai Chi Easter Course

    A week of re-energizing Lee style Tai Chi and Kai Men Qigong taught by old skool students of Chee Soo in the picturesque seaside town of St Ives in wild West Cornwall.Book now to get the early bird discount

  • Online Tai Chi

    Online Tai Chi

    In collaboration with the Taoist Cultural Arts Association we are offering daily Tai Chi lessons through a series of YouTube playlists you can view if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. 🌟 Unlock a World of Wellness with Our Online Tai Chi Lessons! 🌟 Hello there, potential Tai Chi enthusiast! Are you ready to embark…

  • Sale now on

    Sale now on

    Check out our inflation-beating price reductions for the Autumn term 2023. The Tao of My Thoughts down from £24.95 to £16.95, limited time offer Feng Shou kung fu down from £17.95 to £15.95 Taoist Arts of the Lee style – full set Down from £75.25 to £58.95 The Tao of Long Life down from £10.95…

  • BBC Radio Interview

    BBC Radio Interview

    Chris learned Tai Chi with Chee Soo in Leamington and Coventry and had a class at Warwick University. James took up Tai Chi after a serious road accident and now has his own class in his home town of St Agnes in Cornwall.

  • The Path of Kai Men

    The Path of Kai Men

    Taoist yoga has long been known as the “Open Door” (Kāimén 开门), although at various times in its long history it has also been referred to as Hébìng 合并 (“Unity”) and Héxié 和谐 (“Harmony”). Kai Men is the most appropriate name, however, as it expresses the idea that Taoist yoga is the doorway to all…

  • The Principles of the Supreme Ultimate

    The Principles of the Supreme Ultimate

    Why should this beautiful sequence of movements be known as the ‘Supreme Ultimate’ (Tàijí 太极)? Does it mean that we have to achieve absolute perfection in every movement that we execute, or does it mean that we are aiming for an ultimate goal in everything which is a true component of this wonderful art?There are…

  • The History of Kung Fu

    The History of Kung Fu

    No one can say exactly when the Chinese arts of self-defence first came into being, but the seeds go back to the very early days of the primitive period, when man first roamed the earth. Before he had even invented a weapon, man had to protect himself with his bare hands against the attacks of…